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Our Services

Are you having trouble with your home design? Do you feel something is not right? Or Are you moving and need a fresh and professional design for your new home? Everyone deserves to feel happy and relaxed in their own home. Our aim is to provide a friendly service that captures your needs and transforms your dreams to reality. We make sure that your home is not only beautiful but is also functional and comfortable.

Below are our single room based design packages. For a Custom Package that includes more than one room please send us an e-mail on to get your tailored quotation.

We are always available to answer your questions and help you out in any way necessary. Don't hesitate to contact us for more details on the packages. We are happy to provide you with any assistance or free advice.


Basic Package

  • Mood Board.

  • Color Palette with Paint Codes.

  • Furniture, Lighting and Accessories recommendations.

standard package.jpg

Standard Package

  • Mood Board.

  • Color Palette with paint codes.

  • Furniture Layout.

  • Furniture, Lighting and Accessories recommendations.

  • Shopping list available in limited countries.

full package.jpg

Full Package

  • Mood Board.

  • Furniture Layout.

  • Color codes and Flooring Selections.

  • Furniture, Lighting and Accessories recommendations or shopping list.

  • Lighting Placement Plan.

  • 3D Visualization.

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